Coronavirus COVID 19 Update September 2020

Corona virus COVID 19


QUARANTINE - if you do need to do 14 days quarantine in the UK, you would arrive at the UK airport and give the address where you will be staying (university accommodation) and then you can travel there and self-isolate as required - you would be able to go out to shops, etc. - the restrictions are not the same as for people arriving in Thailand!!!!

Check your emails every day for updates from the Universities.

It is impossible for me or anyone else to predict what will happen in the next few weeks and months. All I can say for sure is that the Universities of Bath, Warwick and Nottingham, just like other universities in the UK and around the world and in Thailand, are dealing with things as they arise. This is an ongoing situation that changes by the day. Students who have decided to study in the UK this year will benefit from studying and it might be better to be away from the workplace at a time when the World is in a very confused state - by studying you might well be better-prepared for future events and able to better deal with the changes that will inevitably happen as a result of the corona virus.

You may be allowed to defer to 2021; you need to ask the university if this is possible; it likely will be but you might need to re-take IELTS if your current score expires before its 2-year validity.

I am sorry I can’t predict the future, but I can say that the UK universities will do their best to deal with the situations as they arise.

Justin Moseley
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